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💬 "Your Trusted Accountants for over 75 Years"

Accountants in Wellington: A Legacy of Excellence

In the vibrant heart of Wellington, Long + Cowan emerges as a beacon of excellence and integrity in the accounting field. Since its inception in 1940, this prestigious firm has been synonymous with unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to its clients’ financial success. Spearheaded by Ben Stockbridge, alongside an adept team of chartered accountants, Long + Cowan specializes in a comprehensive suite of services aimed at empowering small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This legacy of excellence positions them as the quintessential accountants in Wellington for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

GST Returns: Navigating Complexities with Precision

The labyrinth of GST returns presents a formidable challenge for many businesses. Long + Cowan stands out in its meticulous approach to these complexities, ensuring accuracy and compliance in accounting practices. This precision safeguards businesses from potential financial pitfalls and regulatory penalties, showcasing Long + Cowan’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and integrity.

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Crafting Future Success

Long + Cowan’s strategic prowess in budgeting and financial planning is a cornerstone of its service offerings. Recognizing the pivotal role of sustainable growth and profitability, the firm employs forward-thinking business planning and financial management techniques. This strategic foresight is instrumental in shaping the future success of businesses, ensuring they remain competitive and profitable in the dynamic market environment.

Tax Planning: Maximizing Efficiency and Compliance

Tax planning represents a critical aspect of financial management, where Long + Cowan’s expertise shines brightly. Through strategic tax solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs, Long + Cowan ensures clients are both tax-compliant and positioned to capitalize on tax efficiencies. This approach not only mitigates the risk of fiscal surprises but also enhances the financial well-being of businesses.

Long + Cowan

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📍Service Areas: Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley (Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt)

⚙️ Service Categories: Small Business, Work-from-Home Businesses, Personal Tax Advice

💼 Level 2, 276 Lambton Quay, Wellington, 6011

Wellington Accountants | Long + Cowan | Chartered Accountants
Empowering Entrepreneurs: Starting a Business with Confidence

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is a monumental task. Long + Cowan offers invaluable support to those starting a business, providing guidance through the complexities of establishment, legal compliance, and financial structuring. This comprehensive support system lays a solid foundation for new ventures, enabling entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses with confidence.

Cash Flow Forecasting: Ensuring Financial Stability

Effective cash flow forecasting is vital for maintaining a business’s financial stability. Long + Cowan excels in providing accurate and insightful forecasting services, enabling businesses to anticipate and navigate financial fluctuations. This proactive approach ensures businesses are well-prepared for the future, maintaining a stable and prosperous financial trajectory.

Inspirational Insight:

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill. This ethos resonates with Long + Cowan’s philosophy, where each financial challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth and success.

Embracing Technological Advancements: Xero and MYOB Accounting

In an era dominated by technological advancements, Long + Cowan’s proficiency in Xero accounting and MYOB accounting software underscores their commitment to innovation. These cloud-based accounting solutions offer real-time financial insights, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. Long + Cowan’s expertise ensures businesses leverage these technologies to their fullest potential, optimizing financial management in the digital age.

Expertise in Foreign Investment Funds

Navigating the intricacies of foreign investment funds demands specialized knowledge and expertise. Long + Cowan adeptly addresses the challenges associated with managing international investments, ensuring compliance and optimizing financial returns. This global perspective on finance further exemplifies Long + Cowan’s comprehensive approach to accounting and financial management.

A Foundation for Tax Compliance and Strategic Advantage

Developing bespoke tax strategies is another area where Long + Cowan excels, ensuring businesses not only adhere to tax compliance requirements but also utilize tax planning as a strategic asset. Their profound understanding of tax legislation enables the identification of opportunities for enhanced tax efficiency, which is critical for sustained business growth and success.

Comprehensive Business and Financial Planning

Long + Cowan offers a holistic approach to business planning and financial management, covering essential aspects such as starting a business, cash flow forecasting, tax planning, and more. This comprehensive support system ensures businesses are well-equipped to face the challenges of the market, achieve their goals, and secure a prosperous future.

Elevating Businesses to New Heights

Long + Cowan epitomizes the pinnacle of accounting excellence in Wellington. For SMEs seeking not just accountants in Wellington but strategic partners dedicated to their financial success, Long + Cowan is the definitive choice. Their legacy of excellence, combined with a forward-thinking approach to financial

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